Atlas cross

$315 USD

Moroccan Rug from Beni Ouarain region
White with black patterns
100% wool
We make it for you in 2 to 4 weeks


The Atlas Cross rug is a single knot wool handwoven rug inspired by the atlas mountain of Morocco. This carpet features a harlequin simple cross pattern made with soft organic wool material. This vintage Beni Ouarain material highlights a simple design on the warm white texture of this rug to elevate your interior design.
The Atlas Cross Rug offers the simple yet stylish geometric design on the soft wool knot pile that adds that eye-catching and warm feeling to your interior design. This single knot handwoven material creates a durable rug that offers immense comfort and style to your space.
The Atlas Cross rug is an excellent fit if you are going for a minimalistic interior finish. It adds the classic look and feeling with its simplistic crisscross design while providing extra warmth from the creamy wool material it was created with.

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