Jewel of Azilal (3' x 5')

$319 USD

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Moroccan Rug from Azilal
White with colorful symbols
100% wool


The Jewel of Azilal is a handmade and original Moroccan rug commonly seen in the Azilal region of Morocco. The Azilal is a creation almost made exclusively from a soft wool with a creamy background.
The Jewel of Azilal features clear geometric designs that express the culture of the weaver. The modernization of the Azilal rug with the introduction of color was a direct inspiration from a migrant city dweller. This synthetic difference turned it into the playful, free-style rug that you see today.
The Jewel of Azilal rug is an elegant yet rustic style carpet that visually shows the exquisite nature of the Moroccan culture. It also points towards the daring and exciting composition of abstract shapes and symbols, which is a distinct characteristic of the Moroccan daily life.

Length (foot/cm): 4.7/143
Width (foot/cm): 3.1/95

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