Unexpected Path To Beni Ouarain (4' x 5')

$355 USD

Moroccan Rug from Beni Ouarain region
White and light pink
100% wool


The Unexpected Path To Beni Ouarain is a handmade rug truly expresses an unexpected and unique design for a carpet. It is originally from the Beni Ouarain region of Morocco. It is an escape from the traditional lozenges black and white Beni Ouarain rugs.
For our artisan, this carpet resonates with a path of freedom from the high valley. The Beni Ouarain atlas wool from shearing the sheep produces this quality hand-woven Moroccan rug.
With its original design and warm white, this rug will definitely elevate your interior decor and bring an original cachet. The imperfection during the hand-weaving process is precisely the best part of this rug. The locals call this whorl of error or the charm of the hand. This warm and vibrant rug is an artistic statement that brings every room it is placed in to life. The warm white wool brings the pink dyed pattern design to its full glory.

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