Decorating in Style with Moroccan Rugs

The craftsmanship of Moroccan rugs can be traced back to the 7th century in the Middle and High Atlas Mountains where Berber tribes hand-crafted the rugs into a variety of colorful and unique patterns. Today, Moroccan rugs fill homes and office spaces all around the world adding luxurious comfort and style.

Famous for their timeless appeal and classy decorum, these area rugs were a finishing touch on the set of the movie, House of Gucci with Lady Gaga. Production designer, Arthur Max decorated the set of Maurizio Gucci’s office using the handmade rugs as an attractive aesthetic. The addition of the authentic Moroccan rugs showcased the luxe that the Gucci brand symbolizes and created a feeling of warmth and comfort.

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And you can create that same elegant House of Gucci style in your space with these top three decorating tips:

Create a Focal Point

Make a huge impact by using area rugs to create a focal point. Space that lacks originality can magically come to life by adding Moroccan rugs in colorful patterns and designs. The addition of authentic Moroccan rugs further enhances a space with a luxurious appeal that never goes out of style.

Here’s 3 ways to create a focal point using area rugs:

  • Choose bold patterns or colors in a neutral room. A contemporary styled Moroccan rug can accent modern furniture and draw attention to the center of the room.
  • Place your rug under focal furniture. Add style to your dining room by placing an area rug underneath the table. Place accessories with complementary colors around the room to create harmony within the space.
  • Complement the rug with accessories. Choose accessories such as pillows, lamps, and table décor that enhances the rug’s colors or patterns. An authentic Moroccan rug paired with velvet pillows in solid colors can be just the right touch that your space needs.

Dress Up a Wall

Handmade rugs make the perfect accessory for empty walls when used as art. Although tapestries have adorned walls for hundreds of years, rugs are more of an abstract art. Think bold patterns and rich colors such as the designs you’ll find in authentic Moroccan rugs.

Show off your taste for fine interiors by adding a vintage look to your space with a Bohemian style Moroccan rug. The vibrant colors and artistic blend of fabrics will create an original piece of artwork that transforms your space.

And if you’re wondering where to place your stylish motif, you might consider placing it in an entryway. Choose a rug that resonates with you, and you’ll have a conversation starter for arriving guests!

Create Variety in a Room

If you want to add flair to a space, consider using area rugs in complementary colors or patterns to create variety. However, you should avoid using same-sized rugs in a room that can visually cut the room in half. If the style of your furniture is more subdued, you might add two Moroccan rugs in different sizes and coordinating patterns to liven the mood of the room.

Rugs Can Add the Right Vibe

Create the right vibe using area rugs to update your space by considering the various ways they can be used to enhance a room’s appeal. Handmade rugs such as Moroccan rugs can turn an office with a bland atmosphere into a stylish and chic workspace that shadows the set in the movie, House of Gucci. Add a touch a class to your space with an authentic Moroccan rug and show off your exquisite taste in fine furnishings!

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