Moroccan Rugs - How to Use Them for Unique Interior Designs

Moroccan Rugs - How to Use Them for Unique Interior Designs

Moroccan rugs are one of the most popular choices for interior designers to use in their interior design and are often seen as an iconic asset for any designer. So what makes these rugs so great? There are many reasons why this style of rug has become the go-to choice for many designers, and it's not just because they are beautiful! This blog post will discuss what Moroccan rugs are, the importance of using them, and how you can use them in your own home to create a gorgeous layout.

Beni Ouarain Moroccan Rugs Integrated In A Modern Living Room

What Are The Characteristics Of Moroccan Rugs?

Moroccan Rugs are hand-woven rugs that originated in Morocco. Many rugs that we see today are crafted with synthetic fibers, but Moroccan rugs have been made from natural materials for centuries. They are typically made from wool, cotton, or silk and have a flat weave with geometric patterns. The designs on the Moroccan rugs will vary based on the region where they were created. They can add an authentic cachet to your home, or you can use them as a centerpiece and create an iconic statement in one of your rooms.

The Top 12 Ways To Use Your Moroccan Rugs

  1. Connect Spaces

Using Moroccan rugs in your home is a great way to connect your spaces. For example, if you have varying wall art, furniture, and decor in your room, using a Moroccan rug can tie together your area by incorporating multiple elements. This is not only a great way to keep your design cohesive, but it can also be incredibly soothing.

  1. Visual Pathways

Since Moroccan rugs come in various shapes and sizes, they can be placed inside your home to create pathways. This is great if you want to use the rug as an area for guests or yourself to walk on but still allow room for furniture around it.

  1. Absorbs Sound

If you want to create a calm environment in your home, using Moroccan rugs are an excellent way to do so. The type of weave that these rugs have will help absorb excess sound and give off a calming vibe. This is perfect to use in high-traffic rooms like the living room or dining room.

  1. Creates A Focal Point

If you want to add a statement piece to your home, Moroccan rugs are an excellent choice. Since they come in many different shapes and sizes, this will give you the option of using them as a centerpiece or create smaller focal points throughout your rooms that naturally attract your attention to your carpet.

  1. Sets The Tone and Style Of Your Room

Moroccan rugs are perfect if you want to create a specific tone or style for your room. If you use them as the base of your design, this will set up expectations that all future designs should follow. For example, choosing an ornate Moroccan rug with traditional patterns and colors sets expectations on what type of furniture and decor you should use and what style is most suitable for your space. In recent trends, we can see many interior designers creating unique styles either by leveraging the vintage version of these rugs or by incorporating a modern touch.

  1. Adds Personality To Your Space

When it comes to decorating your home, you want every room in the house to have its own personality. This is easy if you use Moroccan rugs because they are naturally colorful and give each space a unique feel. So whether you're looking for a bright and airy feel or you want to invoke a darker, more complex tone, Moroccan rugs will help you achieve your goal.

  1. Adds Color

Using Moroccan rugs can help you add color to your room without actually having to paint the walls. For example, if you have a neutral carpet or bare floors, an ornate Moroccan rug will instantly transform your room. This is an excellent option for those who want to decorate their home but do not have an unlimited budget or rent out their space and cannot make permanent changes. 

  1. Brightens Dark Spaces

One of the great things about Moroccan rugs is that they are naturally bright. This makes them perfect for dark spaces since their vibrant colors help shine light into these areas and make them appear brighter.

  1. Can Be Used Indoors Or Outdoors

Using some Moroccan rugs like the vintage Boucherouite can be a great idea if you have a porch, patio, or garden around your home. Since they are typically made from reused clothing or fabrics with very often a mix of geometric patterns and colors. These rugs will be able to withstand almost any climate and can also give off an incredibly soothing feel when you lie on them in your outdoor space.

  1. Adds Layers To Your Space

If you want your rooms to feel more luxurious or fuller, using Moroccan rugs is a great way to achieve that. The easiest way to do this is by placing them underneath your furniture, so it visually lifts whatever room design elements are on top of the rug and gives off an incredibly layered look.

  1. Makes Your Space Feel Larger

If you have a smaller space, using Moroccan rugs is an excellent idea. Since they come in various shapes and sizes, this will give your room the look that it's larger than what it actually is without making any permanent changes to the structure itself.

  1. Can Be Used In Any Room Of The House

Since there are so many different types of Moroccan rugs, they can be used in almost any room you want. For example, if you use one that is made out of cotton or silk, then this will help keep the space cool during the summer months and gives off a relaxing vibe to make it feel like an oasis.


Moroccan rugs are incredibly versatile and can be used in any room of the house. If you want to create a specific tone or style, these carpets will help set that mood for your space while also giving it an incredible look that everyone who visits will admire. At Zarabe, we work on creating the best Moroccan rugs using genuine wool and natural dyes. We also work with exclusive artists to create modern versions of the Moroccan rugs. 
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