Authentic Moroccan Rugs

Here at Zarabe, we are devoted to providing our customers with exceptional authentic Moroccan rugs that are inspired by the Moroccan Berber heritage. Our collection of Moroccan rugs for sale consists of Classic, Artistic, and Boho styles. Additionally, our craftsmen are skilled with two different weaving methods known as the knotted weave or flat weave.

Much like you, each custom Moroccan rug we create has a story of its own. It’s our goal to honor each story by providing you with one-of-a-kind high-quality authentic Moroccan rugs, which is why we work closely with Moroccan artists to develop designs that we hope you’ll cherish forever.

Zarabe is a community-driven brand that uses natural wool sourced from local shepherds in each rug we create. We are constantly searching for new ways to give back to our hardworking communities and the environment that we often take for granted.

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