Zarabe Moroccan Rugs Story Started In The Atlas Mountains Of Morocco

The place where it all began ... Atlas Mountains of Morocco 

Zarabe was born in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the cradle of the Berber Rugs. Zarabe refers to the Arabic word for carpets. Our logo includes a Tifinagh symbol that corresponds to the first letter of our brand.
This combination, in our brand name and logo, is a testimony to the history of the Moroccan rugs that originated from the ancient Berber culture but evolved through history with the different civilizations that emerged in Morocco. We believe that this cross-cultural combination is what makes the Moroccan Rugs in general and Zarabe in particular so unique.

During our trips to remote locations in Morocco, we seek authentic handmade rugs. Our products are different in several ways such as style, colors, and fabrics. Each rug we offer is unique. It has its own DNA and story.
Our authentic Moroccan Rugs are handmade. The fabrication process can take few weeks, sometimes months. This traditional fabrication makes them undeniably authentic. They usually combine a touch of imperfection mixed with an attention to details that differentiate an authentic handmade rug from the mass production.

Zarabe’s ambition is to bring exclusive, one of a kind, Moroccan Rugs to your home. As a team, we strive to achieve 5 main objectives

  • Work with the best artisans
  • Promote fair trade through our direct-to-artisan approach
  • Provide authentic products
  • Preserve and promote a thousand year know how
  • Leverage technology to help you visualize the rugs from your couch
We travel across all Morocco to find special rugs that will give your home an incredible touch. By choosing Zarabe, you choose to bring a piece of authenticity home.