Blue Horizon Line (3' x 5')

$99 USD

Moroccan Rug from Tazenakht southern village
White with colorful patterns
100% wool


The handmade Blue Horizon Line rug is a one-of-a-kind Moroccan rug that features the blue horizon line across a warm wool canvas of creation. One of the first attributes that jump right at you when you get the Blue horizon line rug is the absolute attention to detail. The Blue horizons that run across the carpet display the skills and time investment needed to make this rug a masterpiece.
Initially, the Blue horizon line rug draws its unique design from the Tazenakht region in Morocco. To produce this masterpiece, artisans use a combination of virgin wool and a mix mash of colors to create a superior finish. The Blue Horizon Line rug adds an artistic and comfortable piece to your house for elegance and interior transformation. This classic and creative rug piece will hold the gaze of your visitors until they have their full view of this authentic piece of art.

Length (foot/cm): 4.8/147
Width (foot/cm): 2.8/86

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