Another Blue Horizon Line (3' x 5')

$99 USD

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Moroccan Rug from Tazenakht southern village
White with colorful patterns
100% wool


The Handmade Another Blue horizon line Rug originates from Tazenakht, a region in the South of the famous Ouarzazate. The Blue horizon line adds a little bit more color to the mix, along with various shapes and geometric designs to complete the multicolor square design on the rug.
This handwoven rug shows intense attention to detail by the artisan, which is the beautiful result of the unique piece. Using virgin wool and a mix-mash of colors, this rug is comprised of many colors woven into the pure wool materials for that superior finish. The Another Blue horizon line Rug adds an artistic and comfortable piece to your house for elegance and interior transformation.

Length (foot/cm): 4.8/145
Width (foot/cm): 2.9/87

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