Boujad Colorful Garden (5' x 7')

$549 USD

Moroccan Rug from Boujad
Colorful with abstract patterns
100% wool


The Boujad Colorful Garden carpet is a handwoven rug originally from Boujad, one of the oldest cities in Morocco. This rug provides an exciting combination of colors. We believe it is an incarnation of an abstract painting in a bohemian rug.
You can enhance your home decoration with this beautiful and unique rug selection. The Boujad Colorful Garden rug introduces a warm and cultural personality to your home. If you aim to impress your guest with your stylish yet cultural touch, this is for you.
The originality of this rug is surely linked to the artistic cachet that characterizes this region of Morocco. Boujad is the cradle of many Moroccan artists, including painters, moviemakers, musicians, poets. On its own, it will bring character and originality to any interior.

Length (foot/cm): 7.1/216
Width (foot/cm): 4.8/145

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