Desert Road Sunrise (3' x 5')

$99 USD

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Moroccan Rug from Tazenakht southern village
White with colorful patterns
100% wool


The Desert road sunrise rug is a famous handmade carpet originally from Tazenakht, a region in the South of the famous Ouarzazate.
The Desert Road Sunrise rug combines the bright colors of the sunrise and the sandy, brownish color of the desert onto the creamy woven wool rug. This rug has an attractive look that draws people to place their feet on the comfortable surface.
This handmade woven rug also introduces comfort and bright color that bounces off this rug to give your interior a warm feel. This colorful rug adds that extra aesthetic effect your home needs to connect modern-day architecture and traditional Moroccan culture.
This rug also passes as a piece of art in your home. The superior design has the after gaze effect that draws back attention to itself. The brown and orange colors on the creamy wool surface perfectly complemented with the black weaving bring out this piece's beauty.

Length (foot/cm): 4.7/144
Width (foot/cm): 2.9/88

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