$325 USD

Moroccan Rug from Beni Ouarain region
White with black patterns
100% wool
We make it for you in 2 to 4 weeks


The Asymmetry rug is originally from Beni Ouarain. The Asymmetry rug is a favorite for many because this Moroccan rug features elegant black losange designs on the handwoven wool material sourced from sheep.
It displays contemporary art on the rug surface with the imperfection of the geometric lines crisscrossing on the rug. The main characteristic of the Beni Ouarain rugs is the elegance provided by the natural color of the wool. It can also be considered as a "passe-partout." It can fit any interior without becoming monotonous or outdated.
Are you wondering how this will fit into your space? You could use the Asymmetry Beni Ouarain either as a piece of art or as a rug to provide your feet with the extra comfort it needs.

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