Sunset Sky Stripes (5' x 7')

$545 USD

1 piece in stock.

Moroccan Rug from Boujad
Colorful with artistic stripes
100% wool


The Sunset Sky Stripes Rug is a statement Boujad rug. This rug brings its unique and beautiful Boujad authenticity to any space you place it in. This Moroccan rug is simple but features a vibrant, unique texture. This homemade hand-woven rug is sure to catch the eyes of those who love art.
This beautiful texture rug packs a combination of sunset natural wool colors that merge with its blush colors. This color blend adds additional uniqueness to this Boujad rug and speaks to its beauty. The originality of this rug choice touches the Boujad region of morocco, highlighting the culture and eccentricity of the area. It reflects the sunset sky colors in any room you put it, providing a vibrant feeling, especially when hit with sunset rays.

Length (foot/cm): 6.7/205
Width (foot/cm): 5.0/151

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